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Practice with a partner.
Practice with a partner.

My Story


Fitness. This has been part of my life from the very start.   Sports in school, military service, public service, and even in massage therapy.  All have fitness as part of their "package" so to speak.
Personal Protection.  There are plenty of schools, websites, & DVDs that you can learn from out there today.  Unfortunately many are either expensive, very technical, time consuming, or just plain wrong for the average person.
This is where Fit to Protect fits in.  We take the average person who has no or very little fighting knowledge, possibly out of shape, or who feels they are "too small /or weak" to do anything in an attack. They are possibly relocating to a brand new environment as well, like being a brand new mom, at a new job, new city or school, etc...  So what we need to do is create a person who is healthier, stronger, confident in their abilities, and with the correct mindset = an overall safer individual.


Meet Steve

N.E.S.T.A.  Certified Personal Fitness Trainer,   Muay Thai Fitness Coach,  Group Exercise Instructor,  Online Coach.   Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist,  Reiki 3 Practitioner,  Qi Fit - Qi Gong Instructor.
10 yrs military,  21 yrs FF/EMT,  10 yrs massage therapist,  a Forever fitness professional !

Steve Karki Owner/ Coach

Offense ---- Defense

Why call it Self Protection and not Self Defense?

We don't like the word "Defense" here at Fit to Protect, because the word "defense" means you are already backing up..losing ground, not on the "offense" and therefore winning the battle!
This is Not your ordinary fitness training !
Sure we can train with the standard bodyweight exercises, lift some weights here and there, punch and kick the air, all of which Will be done at some point and stop there...or....we could also hit and kick a heavy bag, use a battle rope, possibly spar with a training partner as well!  This is basically a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) type of workout, Great for fat burning!  We will also learn some new beneficial safety skills while taking out some of the frustrations of your busy life = Added Bonus !! Also.. we will mix in some info on Qi-Gong and acupressure to help with your overall well-being.

And So The Next Question on a person's mind is ......

Go for a Specific target area for Injury!

Muay Thai and Self Protection ??

What is Muay Thai ?  This is the combative martial art of Thailand.  Known as the Art of 8 Limbs, this primarily stand-up striking art is used widely in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) as well as on it's own in competition.


What are the 8 limbs you ask?  Hands, Elbows, Knees, & Feet.  2 of each = 8 !


Why do we put them together with self protection?  All 8 are used well in close combat situations, so we use the physical conditioning of the sport and add it to the safety aspect out in the real world.  They combine well together ! No other weapons needed...unless handy of coarse 😉

Still have questions ??

So.... Do you feel confident with your skills, and well-being?  If not 100% then let's answer some more of your questions!