Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this training specifically for?

Training is set up for busy working moms and women of college bound age. Roughly 18 -50 yrs old. However Anyone of Any Age can benefit from this training !


What's the difference between Muay Thai and other martial arts?

Muay Thai is typically a stand up only art.  There are leg sweeps and and other moves to take an opponent to the ground, however that's where it ends.  No ground work in the sport version. We WILL do some ground work in the self protection applications.


I have a background in another martial art.  Will that be a problem?

No.  All martial arts have good and bad points to them.  Any prior training will just enhance your learning curve.


What if I don't want to actually "Hit" something?

Well then this is NOT the art / training you want to get into.  It's All striking at the core level.  This Doesn't mean that the fitness aspect can't still be utilized and used. Shadowboxing is still good cardio training, otherwise Cardio-kickboxing classes wouldn't be so popular !!


Is the Self Protection stuff practiced at full speed once it's learned?

No.  The self protection moves are Always practiced slowly, and deliberately so as to Not injure your training partner.  Now if you are practicing on a training manikin...have at it !  He won't mind.  😉


The local fitness center/gym is way less expensive than your program.  Why shouldn't I go there?

Most local gyms are NOT going to offer what we have in training / coaching.  They will probably have a cardio-kickboxing class, but will Not have heavy bags or pads due to liability concerns.  Therefore they won't have this type of blended training or format.


Seems pretty expensive?

There are No limits on the # of training sessions per week/month.  If you figure 3x a week training at home w/private coaching x 4 weeks in a month, that = less than $10 a session for the basic pkg ! Less than $17 for the upgraded pkg !!


Can I Really learn all this Online only?

Sure can.  It may take a bit more time and practice, but together we can get you trained, as long as you put in the effort.  You get Out what you put In.  A training partner and some equipment helps as well.


Are there any weapons used?

Mock weapons/tools may be used for the attacker, but the only 2 Weapons you will need is your mind and body.


What kind of equipment do I need?

It is suggested , at a minimum, to have hand/wrist wraps, and a good set of boxing gloves if you are going to actually hit a Heavy Bag or spar with a partner.  Otherwise a jump rope, set of light weights/ or resistance bands, suspension trainer, etc...would be great to have as well but Not mandatory.