Package #1

The Full Deal !!  Muay Thai based fitness package including self protection training  All online ! We will start with basic fitness exercises, then proceed with introducing Muay Thai strikes, finally self protection applications.  Now Any fitness level is welcome...No experience necessary, however whatever fitness/or martial art experience you may have will only Enhance your training!  Everyone learns differently and at different paces, and I understand that.  This is why there is no absolute ONE WAY of doing a move.  I will teach it our way and you adapt it to Your abilities.

 Here you will need all your own equipment at home, or at your gym and preferably a training partner for drills as well.  I will show and tell you items you May want to purchase for your training at home, including possible "homemade" training equipment if you are so inclined to try.  This will be presented in the first lessons of each new training section.

This package includes  Live video chats 2 x month and private messenger or video coaching to answer your questions. Also includes Monthly Recipes/ Meal Plans right to your inbox !

Package #2

  Muay Thai based fitness package as stated above  - ONLY-- No Live video chats, private messenger or video coaching. No Meal Plans or recipes.


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